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Best Spike Mat

Best Spike Mats and Spike Mat Programs

The bed of nails or best spike mat is also known as the acupressure mat. There are various models, but the main is a plastic mat that has 4000-8000 plastic spikes. Lie down on the mat for 20-40 minutes. The pressure applied from the spikes gives relief and deep relaxation healing the body from all the kinds of muscle pain and tension by releasing physical, emotional and mental blockages.

The spike mat provides various benefits like relaxed body, stress relief, reduced pain, alertness, improved sleep, improved blood circulation, decreased muscular tension and inflammation, lower blood pressure and strengthened immune system. Deep sense of relaxation, increased metabolism and energy levels, intake of oxygen The spike mats programs are specially designed to stimulate, the nervous system sends impulses the brain and to the spine. These stimuli enhance the production of oxytocin and endorphins.

The happy hormones or Endorphins blocks the pain receptors and produce feeling of well being. The oxytocin hormone helps to relieve fatigue, stress and sleep problems that create a deep feeling of calmness. The mat stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation, boosts oxygen supply to the organs and muscles, improves skin health and circulation. Initially the use of mat is uncomfortable but after few minutes, the person gets a deep sense of relaxation and feels energized.

The spike mat helps to treat shoulder, back and neck problems, stress, insomnia and headaches. For regular use, the spike mat helps to ‘iron out’ and release anomalies of the vertebrae by reducing the irritation of the nerves in outwards and in spinal area. If you want to buy the pike mat, it is very affordable as compared to small massage. Just lie down on it by rolling it out.

Acupressure Mats

Acupressure Mat

Acupressure Mats And Uses

Acupressure is an ancient healing therapy that uses pressure to press the key points present on the skin to stimulate the natural self-curable ability of the body. When the points are pressed, they help to promote blood circulation, relax muscular tensions, and life force of the body to aid healing. The Acupressure mats are the best mats that are user adjustable in both size and effect. It is very easy to use and effective on the body. Various Acupressure mats uses are
  • Reduces stress, tensions, pain and aches
  • It helps in improvising sleep and reduces insomnia
  • Used for meditation, yoga and relaxation exercises
  • Releases endorphins that gives a sense of well being and relieves pain
  • Releases oxytocin which is a calm and peace hormone that reduces stress, anxiety and blood pressure
  • Reduces inflammatory or physical and psychological stress, influence metabolism
  • Reduces stiffness, chronic pain and aches in neck, shoulders and back
  • Provides relaxation to create faster self healing process of the body
Some of the Acupressure mat reviews are as follows
  • People love this mat, as it is easy for to carry while travelling. It helps them for overall relaxation and sleep.
  • Some people say that it improves relaxation and sleep on it by wearing clothes ass the spikes are a bit painful.
  • It is perfect to trigger points, muscle spasms in the thoracic area of the back. Many places are difficult but the Spike Mat is perfect to relieve the built up pressure without pharma patch. It offers good pain relief. It adjusts pressure on areas that need more spiking and always wear clothes then bare skin to relieve back muscle problems. People love it a lot and use it daily.
  • It is very affordable to use it daily and easy for use. It helps people with diabetic problems, relieves stress around the neck and shoulders for many people. People feel refreshed after using the mat and recommend it especially for chronic pain or inflammation of any sort.

Shakti Mat

Shakti Spike And Shakti Yoga Mat

The Shakti spike mat or Shakti mat is an ancient tradition mat used for meditation or yoga. It has 6000 points of acupressure contacts that is placed in ideal geometric pattern for the well being of the body. It effectively treats the nerve endings and acupressure points of the spine. The Shakti mat releases oxytocin and endorphins known as happiness hormones to dissolve all the tensions by using the same points. Some of the uses of Shakti Mat are
  • Reduced pain in neck, hips, joints, shoulders and feet pains
  • Increases energy level, improves blood circulation
  • Deep sense of meditative relaxation
  • Reduces muscular tension, migraine, insomnia, lumbago, sciatica, digestive problems, depression and stress
  • Increases intake of oxygen and allows better breathing
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Provides relaxing, calming, rejuvenating and healing effect without drugs
  • Provides positive mental outlook

Shakti Yoga Mat

The Shakti Yoga Mat is an ancient therapy used on the acupressure points of the body to increase the ability of blood to absorb oxygen and nutrients. It helps in the removal of harmful metabolic products build in the circulatory system, stimulates blood circulation, neuropeptides flow to the nervous system, releases stress and relaxes the body to promote peaceful sleep, reduces neck and back pain, increases relaxation that promotes healing.
The Features of Shakti Yoga Mat are
  • Increases Blood flow, reduces stress
  • Stimulates Pressure Points
  • Provides a relaxing and calming sensation
  • Ancient therapy used by Indian Mystics

People can use the Shakti Yoga Mat if they face the following problems like feel stiffness, have regular stress, have low energy, experience poor sleep, have muscle tension, stand for long periods, have back or neck pain, work for long hours, drive for long time and use computer for long hours

These are some of the advantages and uses of the Shakti Spike mats and Shakti yoga mats that are used for relieving various problems of the human body.